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About Me

About Me

Who Am I?


This is me. Demetri Panici.

First thing’s first. I love grey shirts. This picture is taken from a thumbnail of mine because ironically even as a content creator I don't have many good pictures of myself.

Enough About Me… just kidding that’s what you came here for.

So who exactly is Demetri Panici?

As I can feel through you reading this you might have a hard time pronouncing my name. So naturally I’m going to do that phonetic spelling thing that everyone’s into nowadays.


Duh-me-tree Puh-knee-chi

It’s really not that bad but I have found throughout my life that most people get it wrong the first time so I figured I’d save you the trouble.

So if you could not tell by now I have a bit of a hyperactive personality. Or at least that’s what I like to tell people. I have a whole lot of ideas constantly bouncing around in my head at all times.

Going along with that, when I find something I really like, whether it’s a joke (memes) I find funny, a video game (World of Warcraft) or a type of exercise (running), I really can’t stop saying or doing it without… overdoing it.

Luckily for me when I stumbled down the rabbit hole  of productivity and self development in the first semester of my senior year of college I fell through it hard.

Being inspired by my favorite content creator Matt D’Avella (who has an amazing YouTube channel by the way) I wanted to get into minimalism and freelance work. After a long summer of struggling to juggle my full time internship and running 60 miles a week, Matt had a fellow content creator Thomas Frank feature on his YouTube channel. Thomas is the founder of a wonderful blog called College Info Geek.

I spent the beginning of the semester going through all of Thomas’s YouTube content and taking inspiration from his use of the productivity app Notion.

From there I incorporated whatever I could find about Notion, Google Calendar and a time tracking app called Toggl to completely change the way I handled my time, task, and project management.

Below you can see my favorite productivity apps that have each played an integral part of my life since I discovered them. My goal for Rise Productive is to find the right tools that will have an impact on you like these three tools have impacted me.


Since integrating these programs into my life I have less stress, more time, and am able to do what I want with the time I have.

Throughout this website, my YouTube channel and all the other content that I create I will do my best to help those that are in need of direction in order to build a better life.

With that being said all you need to do from here is take the first step. So if you’re ready to get started….

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