What I Learned By Quitting YouTube for 30 Days
What I Learned By Quitting YouTube for 30 Days

What I Learned By Quitting YouTube for 30 Days

It wasn’t on purpose… it just kind of happened? It came with no announcement and I really can’t quite explain how… good of an experience it was. For those of you who don’t know what I’m talking about I took a 30+ day break after I had been posting on YouTube consistently for nearly an entire year. From vlogs, podcasts, reviews, and more I enjoyed everything about making videos on my YouTube channel which you can find here. During the year of making YouTube videos, I found a type of content that I really enjoyed and found fulfillment doing. More and more as I created these videos I found myself building a better life and I definitely feel that I live with more intention than before.

I’m not sure whether it’s been my journey through exploring the topics of productivity, minimalism, and everything else in self-development or not but I just feel like I’m in a better place now than I’ve ever been. When it comes to making videos however I’ve had some ups and downs regarding motivation and dedication in the past few months. For being as productive as I am, I found myself not wanting to make videos that I had planned to and prioritizing other things that felt more important recently.


🏒 Friction

Now I know what it sounds like. It sounds like I would have enjoyed not making videos and that means I should stop. Well, I couldn’t disagree with that thought process more. I truly believe that it felt like more of a deserved break than a final goodbye. In my time as someone who constantly is trying to improve I realized that I still loved making videos, I just was missing the point on how I was doing it. I had many processes in my video creation process that had friction against me getting YouTube “work” done and having fun while doing it.

When working on different video projects I found aspects of the recording, editing, and publishing process mundane, long, and kind of annoying overall. After my much-needed time off I realized that I just needed to reduce these friction points and work on making videos fun again.


📱 Digital Changes

For those of you that watch a fair amount of my YouTube videos, I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about Notion. For those of you that haven’t it’s the main productivity app and all-in-one task management system that I use to organize my life. I really enjoy the program but during my time off from YouTube I realized that much of what I have in my Notion YouTube database is bloated and unneeded template nonsense. I did not use the templates Notion has for much of what I was actually using it for. I cannot explain to you how much digital fluff I had to ignore and scroll through in order to find the parts of the template that actually helped me make videos.


😄 Happiness Matters Most

During my time away from YouTube I learned a few things about what makes me happy and how I can make some changes to my video creation process that will take my channel to the next level. First and foremost I learned how much I truly was struggling to do a podcast where I had a new guest on almost every week. It was hard for me to admit but I’m not built to make a new type of chemistry work on the show every week. I’m no Joe Rogan and that’s alright.

I realized that working with someone that I really enjoy on the podcast consistently would be best for me and for my audience. There are topics that I wanted to talk about with someone at a deep level and it took having some of those kinds of conversations with someone in my personal life to realize what I needed to do. My roommate Chantz is someone who is a Philosophy major and loves to talk about living intentionally and exploring his life far below the surface level.

Due to that fortunate realization, I’ve decided to bring Chantz on as my new co-host for The Rise Productive Podcast. Believe me, we recorded the first episode, and the conversations we are going to have will be a straight VIBE.


Setting Your Priorities Straight

The importance of focusing on my priorities came to the forefront of my mind during this time away on top of what possible improvements I could make for the channel. During this hectic time during the last semester of my MBA program, I have been working hard to try and find a job in the digital marketing industry that will jumpstart my professional career.

The transition into the “real world” after college is not lost on me and I am definitely aware that it is going to be a large change in my life. With that being said, I think it is important to point out to all of you that there are going to be situations in your life where you will need to make seemingly hard choices and prioritize what’s important. Due to my current situation, I needed to make sacrifices somewhere in my life and that just “is what it is”.

While I most definitely am good with my time and do well with task management, I still have times that come up where compromises need to be made. This unfortunately for you all that my content production came to a halt. I just wanted to make this video/blog so you all could understand what I was going through in my life while also telling a cautionary tale. This cautionary tale quickly summed up means one word, “balance”. In life, if you don’t have balance and find yourself taking breaks, reassessing, and prioritizing intentionally then your life will fall out of balance.


😲 Changes Are Coming

So here are some of the changes I will be making to my posting schedule and how I’m approaching what I’m making. First and foremost I am going to focus on making one video a week that I am truly passionate about. Anything more than that will be the icing on the cake but due to my priorities, I cannot promise more than that and one podcast episode a week. I do not think I was ever going completely overboard with how much content I was making, however, I will say that I had times when the content could have been more inspired.

Due to this, I would like to only put out videos and podcasts on topics that I am extremely passionate about. If I cannot write a blog post to go along with it then I am not going to make a video centered around it. The same goes for having guests on the podcast with Chantz and me. While interviewing people each week had its positives I very much am going to prefer having a deep discussion with my new cohost that I can then turn into one or two entertaining clips on YouTube. The conversations around these strong topics will carry the podcasts and I believe firmly that they are going to be much more entertaining than what I was previously doing while at the same time bringing you all more value.

The great part is if there is a guest that Chantz or I really want to have on the podcast then we will! Long story short, I am going to create more meaningful, inspired, and passionate content from now on. This well-deserved break really served me well but it’s going to serve all of you even better. With that being said… I’ll see you guys in the next one!