What is the Point of Having a Morning Routine?

What is the first thing that you do when you wake up in the morning? Do you roll right out of bed and get to work? Do you stroll into your kitchen and grab a morning cup of coffee? Maybe your more of a scroll through social media for an hour type of person. Regardless of the kind of morning routine you have, each of us has a unique kind of way we like to start our days. However, this does not mean we should have a specific structure in our mornings if we as individuals would like for that not to be the case. In this article, I am going to break down what my morning routine is like, what the benefits and negatives of routine are, and whether or not you should have a morning routine.


My Morning Routine

What does the start of my day look like? Well if you want that broken down in video format you can check out my “4:45 AM Morning Routine” video on my YouTube channel. The thing is, for me waking up early is more than just the fact I can get more work in before anyone wakes up (please don’t cringe), it’s a way of life. When I wake up in the morning I truly find myself in my happy place. There is something special to the feeling of waking up before most of the world does and enjoying some quality time alone with myself, my work, and my thoughts. As a low-key introvert, I very much enjoy waking up around 5 AM most days, getting in my morning coffee and Belvita breakfast biscuits, and getting my day started off right. Along with my morning food and drink, I enjoy cranking out an hour or two of uninterrupted quality work.

This can be school work but mainly it’s my time to finish the smaller tasks I have that help me build everything here at Rise Productive. The best part about it is, I’m never bothered by texts, phone calls, random conversations, or anything else that can get me out of. More on what flow state is here. Now, to be frank, I do not always get everything I need to do, I’m never 100% awake, and for the most part yeah… it’s a really early time to wake up. However, the point here is that this kind of morning routine works best for ME. I enjoy waking up early and working on my side-hustle, but I will never claim that it is best for everyone. There is an infinite number of ways you can start your day and by no means should you start your day this way. Nonmorning persons you have been warned, don’t wake up at 5 AM unless you really want to. It’s just not worth it.


🗓️ Are Routines Worth it?

On the latest episode of The Rise Productive Podcast, my co-host Chantz and I spoke on the topic of routines and whether they lead to a meaningless life or not. While I definitely recommend you give the video a watch and the podcast a full listen I will break down here for you some of the main talking points we went over. From Chantz’s perspective, there are many drawbacks to having a routine and lacking the day-to-day change that is necessary for you to truly enjoy your life. While I understood his point, we ended up breaking down what meaning… means in life and how routines can play a part in that. From my side of the argument, I was thinking how meaning for me comes more from the personal success which most definitely requires routine.

So we reached a part in the discussion where we realized the meaning of life is different for everyone. So while the point still remains from Chantz’s perspective that more routine equals less meaning this is not the case for everyone. I concede however that the entire reason to be alive is to experience it and doing nearly the same thing every day is pretty boring, mundane, and can lead to burnout. The consensus we came to was that reflection and structured change are great ways to balance our two sides of the argument and find meaning in life while also having routines.

By reflecting on your life in a positive way and coming to an understanding of what parts you liked about your routine and what you can change about it, there can be true meaning found rather than having a static and eventually meaningless routine. Some ways I have implemented this concept into my life already is by having a scheduled time in the week where I go through my “system improvements”. This 30 minute to an hour session is something I look forward to each week as it is not only a way to improve my efficiency but also a way to find more meaning in my life where otherwise I would have lost it.


Should You Have a Morning Routine?

With all of this being said the question still remains, should you have a morning routine? The thing for me is, I believe in structure and success as the main meaning of my life. Without a productive and strong morning routine, I don’t know whether I could find meaning in my life. For you, you need to figure out whether living a consistent style of life is the kind of life you want to live.

If you find true enjoyment by flying by the seat of your pants (to a certain extent) then do that. If you want to have a level of extreme efficiency and structure, then maybe take up an extremely efficient and specific morning routine. It’s all about what you want for yourself and how you find the most meaning in your life. There’s one thing for sure, I can only help give you examples of what it means to live better but it’s your responsibility and duty to know what it means to build a better life.