Do This and Your Life Will Change
Do This and Your Life Will Change

Do This and Your Life Will Change

“What we choose to focus on and what we choose to ignore—plays in defining the quality of our life.” - Cal Newport

This is a quote from Cal Newport's well-renowned book, Deep Work and I am someone who very much believes in deep work. Asking “how can we consistently do this on a daily basis” is a question we all should be asking ourselves. The importance of deep work and making the time for the things that you love is ultimately what will make your life happier and more fulfilled in life.

There is nothing in life that has a meaning that you do not give it. It is a stoic belief that you should be detached from your emotions and from things themselves, however, your life's passion is something you should focus on and is preached by the Stoics. Very often, finding the balance of what you want to do on a consistent basis and making the time to do it will ultimately determine your emotional and monetary worth.

A common reason people procrastinate in their micro-discretionary time is that they do not find value in those little bits of time. They will go on their phone and scroll through social media even though if you ask them point-blank, “Are you finding value in what you're consuming?” they’d probably say no.

Having less micro-discretionary time and time-blocking deep work into each morning for myself has given me a more fulfilled life. Before my nine to five job, I get up at 4:00 AM and work from about 4:30 AM to 7:30 AM on Rise Productive.

The reason for this is not because I want to flex on the time I wake up but it’s because I am practicing a skill that makes me happy. Content creation is something I want to do in the long term and understanding that it takes effort to see the gains of content creation is really to me.

God-willing there is a very large part of me that knows that in order to make this a full-time career I need to put in the time even on the mornings when I don't feel like getting up that early. On those days I remind myself that the most fulfillment I get during the day is when I sit down at this desk and do the work. It's when I take the time to write outlines on productivity app videos rather than watch social media clips on my phone.

When I make the time in the micro-discretionary time of my day to do small work on my phone, then I can sit down at my desk to record, edit and schedule videos consistently. The gains I've been seeing even by having my content consumption shift to only self-help and YouTube improvement videos are massive.

My YouTube channel is at a place where I am absolutely happy with the content I produce and the results that have followed. I'm not going for explosive growth on YouTube as I'm trying to build a sustainable business that will leave me in a better place than I am now and I know deep work will get me to that place.

When you are working deep, you are working passionately and you will find meaning in your day-to-day life. Make time for deep work to build a skill, start your passion project, or even build your business from the ground up. Go deep and it will change your life.

Have an awesome week!

  • Demetri

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