Find Your Unfair Advantage
Find Your Unfair Advantage

Find Your Unfair Advantage

There's a very interesting book called the unfair advantage that I got into a while ago due to Ali Abdaal the YouTuber, and podcaster bringing it up. Essentially, it talks about how everyone has their own unfair advantages in life, where they then can leverage it to live the life that they want regarding whatever sort of route that they take in their career path.

For me, I think a lot of the time I take my unfair advantages for granted, and actually funny enough, I was having a conversation with somebody recently on a coaching call and it made me think of my unfair advantages. An example of one of my unfair advantages is the fact that I love talking to a microphone, being on camera, editing, and recording things. That's why I produce content consistently. I really want to talk to people about the subject, rather than just writing about it.

Funny enough, the unfair advantage that Chantz has, is that he likes to write and that in mind, it's kind of a perfect situation to put ourselves in when it comes to taking the reigns of each part of the Rise Productive brand. Think to yourself, what is the unfair advantage that I have? It’s possible that it might even be things in life that you wouldn’t normally think of.

Funny enough, another unfair advantage that I have is that I don't like sleep. I've been having conversations with family members about this for the past few days and during those conversations, I had this realization that I don't like sleep. I'm not saying that's some sort of unfair advantage that nobody in the world has, I'm just saying, I think it's mildly unique.

This small unique thing however allows me to get up at 4 AM almost every day without it draining much from my bucket. This gives me a large amount of deep work on a weekly basis that others don’t have. One small unfair advantage that I have is leveraged to the max for me and turns it into a HUGE benefit to my overall productivity.

All that your unfair advantage needs to be is mildly unique. It does not need to be out of this world different, it just has to be unique enough to set you apart from others. Maybe you'd like to edit videos. I was talking to Chantz on last Saturday's episode of the Rise Productive Podcast and said I would rather make and edit my own videos full time than be Matt D’Avella’s editor. To those who know me personally, that is a little bit crazy to say but it’s true.

All of this to say find your unfair advantages in life because that’s how you can start living the intentional life you want.

Have an awesome week!

  • Demetri

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