I’m Ridiculous But That’s Okay
I’m Ridiculous But That’s Okay

I’m Ridiculous But That’s Okay

🎄 Merry Christmas to those of you that celebrate it! For me, it really is the most wonderful time of the year. It’s the time of year where I catch up with family and spend quality time with quality people.

The funny part is as I have learned in the past 2 years of being a self-development and productivity enthusiast, I am ridiculous. Most of my conversations in the past few years with friends and family that I am catching up with at some point involves my shift in life and how I create content on the internet.

Something else that makes me realize I’m ridiculous is that when people close to me discuss who I am as a person I am referenced as “The guy that gets up while everyone is still asleep” and I think to myself “I mean yeah that’s true. But how did I get here? Man I’m ridiculous”.

I don’t mean this in any negative way either. I am ridiculous and it’s kind of great. Being referred to as this person who just makes absolutely out of left-field life choices like waking up at 4 AM or running a YouTube channel while working a full-time job is funny to me.

Even the whole “minimalist” conversation is funny and ridiculous. I literally have 2 shirts that I wear and that’s it. It’s kind of just funny when I take myself out of the context of these conversations and look at things objectively. Ever since I started to do that recently it actually has put me in a pretty good mood.

I think to myself now how absolutely funny most of my life choices are and the fact that it is kind of ridiculous and that lets me not take myself so seriously. I have felt in the last few weeks of recording videos and podcasts that I have a “lighter” energy and that I am more energetic overall.

The whole reason I’m writing this is that I think it’s important for anyone consuming my content to understand that the whole reason I’ve become a self-help/productivity nerd is that I love it and am more than okay with talking about it with others.

I love it to the point where I have made a consistent joke in the past month or so basically saying that I’m a “walking piece of self-help and minimalist propaganda”. I mean. I really am. Whether you find meaning through this type of content or other things in the world, the overall message I want to give you here is that you should live an intentional life and love what you do.

Caring about what other people think about how you live your life is the last thing that should be on your mind. The first step for me was starting before I thought I was ready to make this change and then figuring it out along the way. Are you ready to get started?

Have an awesome week!

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