It's Not About the Gifts
It's Not About the Gifts

It's Not About the Gifts

Ladies and gentlemen, we are slowly reaching the holidays and we all know what that means. It means that we are reaching the absolute worst time of year for minimalists. BLACK FRIDAY SEASON.

Good lord almighty I wish I understood what even Black Friday is. I would like to apologize before I dive into this newsletter for spreading my minimalist propaganda, but also know that I am writing this with only good intentions in mind.

I am going to make a video in a few weeks on the concept of how much Christmas and the holiday season have changed in the last few years, but I wanted to write out more of my thoughts on this concept in this newsletter for you all.

Do you remember what Christmas / the holidays was like when you were a child? Of course, you do. Those were the fondest memories of your life. Do you remember what you got for Christmas when you were 7 years old? What about 9 years old? No seriously do you remember all those gifts?

I personally do not. Granted I may be out of bounds here but I really do not remember those gifts because they did not mean much to me. When looking back all I remember was spending time with my family and friends. I remember how I have run on every Christmas morning since 2014. I remember the happiness and the sadness that the day has brought me for a variety of reasons but what I remember least of all is the presents.

For those reasons, I would suggest that in the PRESENT don't think too much of the present. To clarify, my advice is to not put too much mental energy or money into the gifts you give, but instead the time you spend with your loved ones during the holidays.

"Purposefully owning less begins to take us out of the unwinnable game of comparison." - Joshua Becker

I love this quote from Joshua Becker because it fits in really well during this time of year. Taking it a step further, focusing on the gifts we buy for each other is only going to lead to disappointment and dissatisfaction when we compare to the other gifts people gave.

A common but powerful saying is "comparison is the thief of joy" and when it's supposed to be the most joyful time of the year let's take the comparison out of it by not caring as much about the gifts.

While the financial side of me will say, that it'll be smart of you to go after the Black Friday deals instead of buying beforehand, I implore you to take the comparison out of gift-giving during the holiday season. Make intentional purchases but do not do it at the cost of your happiness and do the most important thing at this time of year, spending time with those you love.

As an aside, I want to thank all of you for all the support you have given me in the past few months. It's amazing to see the growth my YouTube channel, the podcast, and the email list have grown in the past few months. You are amazing.

Have an awesome week!

  • Demetri

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