One Shirt to Rule Them All
One Shirt to Rule Them All

One Shirt to Rule Them All

As somebody who has been wearing the same shirt for almost two years, all I can say is that I really enjoy it. Let's just start it off there. It's awesome. I'm somebody who has been a minimalist for longer than two years but decided to take that leap and start having a minimalist wardrobe more recently.

However, the minimalist journey I've found through only having one shirt has been probably my favorite part of my entire self-improvement journey. While working with myself from a mental standpoint and physical standpoint is something I do all the time, taking that energy and moving it into the material world with minimalism has been even better.

If you are somebody who finds clutter in your life, I would recommend giving it a try to look at the things you have within your house and think about what you really NEED. I have a family who has never been very cluttered, however, we did a 30-day minimalism challenge the other month where the goal is to try and remove 465 items from our household in 30 days.

While that challenge took longer than 30 days, it was fulfilling in the sense that now I have a family who wants to consistently declutter as they see the value it brings and what it can do for their mental and physical space.

For me, every day I wake up, I put on the same shirt and I'm happy with how I look. There is no thinking needed before I get my day started and tackle the more important things in my life. There's a difference between being in motion and taking action as has been referred to in this newsletter before. I liken deciding your wardrobe each day as a form of motion.

However, If you take that time every single day, you've tried to figure out what to wear and move it into a time where action can take place, you are going to find more fulfilling and meaningful days. That’s my experience and while it may not seem like much, a little bit of attention every single day on the things that matter can go a long way.

I'd like to thank Matt D’Avella, as well as The Minimalists for helping me find the concept of wearing the same shirt grey / black shirt every day. As a color-blind guy who always disliked his own fashion, it has helped me find a shirt that I'm happy with, a style that I love, and a passion for something so simple one would even call it minimalist.

Have an awesome week!

  • Demetri

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