Start Planning Mini-Vacations
Start Planning Mini-Vacations

Start Planning Mini-Vacations

The week of December 20th - December 26th I'm taking a break. Yeah, that's right. Me. The productivity enthusiast himself. I'm taking a break.

Does this mean I won't be posting videos that week? Well... not really... While I am going to be taking a break from making YouTube videos, editing, and doing whatever else it takes to make videos you really won't see anything change because of it.

In the past few months, I have reached a ridiculous level of personal productivity. I'm not saying I'm the most productive person in the world or anything, but for myself, I am getting more done than I have done prior to this.

I don't want to virtue signal here but I really do feel that it's been a great year so far, but... I have not taken a break. The last time I let myself chill was at the beginning of the year when I inadvertently quit YouTube for a month. The reason for that break to be quite frank was lack of motivation but also me needing some time to reflect and regroup on where I wanted to take the channel.

The reason for this one, however, is quite forced... I am doing really well regarding how much work I am getting done in a day and with the inspiration that I have for making videos. The fact of the matter is, however, burnout is something that comes out of nowhere for many.

I love working on this content and getting the best out of myself each and every day but at some point, we all need a break whether we want to admit it or not. For that reason, I have decided to take the week of Christmas off to spend time with my family and focus on the things that matter most in life.

The reason I decided to make a whole newsletter post about this is that there may be some of you out there who need a mini-vacation and don't realize it. Even if you are someone who loves what they are doing on a daily basis, it is important to take time away from your passions so that you can come back even more excited for what you will be doing when you get back.

Funny enough, when I took the month off of YouTube this year, I was able to sit down and make a plan for the direction I wanted to take my content in. Things had been stagnating for a while and it was that month off that made me rethink what I was doing in order to reach a larger audience and improve my content.

When it comes to taking a mini-vacation it does not need to be something long, it could be only 3 or 4 days without working on something like your side-hustle or your full-time job. If you are someone like me I would recommend planning now. Plan over a month out for when you are going to take some time off because let's be honest, us productivity and self-help nerds don't know how to take a chill pill unless we force it down.

Have an awesome week!

  • Demetri

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