Strike While the Iron is Hot
Strike While the Iron is Hot

Strike While the Iron is Hot

For the last 6 months, I have pretty much dedicated myself to the craft of “making content”. Making not only more content, but better content at the same time. The main reason I wanted to do this was that I wanted to give people a feeling of what I felt when I found the world of self-development.

For a while now I have felt that “the iron is hot” and that I should keep striking it. I’ve made a crazy amount of videos in the past 6 months (100+) and I don’t know how that seemed to feel like 5 and 500 at the same time but it does.

I love making videos, I love the idea of improving myself on a daily basis. Working on an aspect of myself and then using it as a reference point for the concept of a video is quite literally one of my favorite things to do as a YouTuber.

The fact of the matter is, it took me a long time to get here. It took me a long time to get to the point where the iron was so hot that I found myself coming up with more ideas for videos and how to make them the I knew what to do with.

"How long are you going to wait before you demand the best for yourself?” – Epictetus"

This quote is one that often comes back to me when I think of the improvements I have made in the last 6 months. Every time I was tired at the start of a 5 AM (now 4 AM) morning wakeup I asked myself, “But what if I could do this?”. I pondered if the minor singe in my head from getting up early was worse than the feeling of regret I would have if I didn’t create.

The conclusion I came to 99% of the time was that the soft call of the pillow wasn’t worth it and that if I just kept my head down and worked, that good things would come. As the year has progressed, I really did keep striking that iron nonstop. I struck that iron through some pretty rough personal and professional weeks, and I struck it on the great weeks as well.

Lucky enough for me, I hammered away so much, that now things are going extremely well. I make videos that I enjoy, I have people who seem positively impacted by my content, and I couldn’t be more grateful.

And I am happy to say that from a content creation perspective I have earned a short break. The week has come where I will take a week off of creating content for you guys. There will still be content on my channel and on all my platforms as I am like a month ahead on videos at this point but nonetheless I will get to chill out for a week 😂.

The moral of this story is nothing more than this. Life will have its trials and tribulations but you cannot let anything get in the way of your passions and purposes in life. There is a time for rest and a time for striking the iron while it’s hot. My striking for 2021 is done but I can’t wait to get back hammering in 2022 for you all.

Have an awesome week!

  • Demetri

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