Why Are You Doing It?
Why Are You Doing It?

Why Are You Doing It?

Why are you doing it? I was listening to an old episode of The Ground Up Show by Matt D’Avella recently that was about the death to the status quo, where he interviewed a man named David Sherry.

David is the founder of a company called “Death to Stock” which all started as a Newsletter where he would give people 10 free stock images a month. I found it really impactful that the concept was so simple but quality. If you sign up for the newsletter he would give you quality pictures for free.

I've been thinking about this recently because they've talked a lot about “Slow Growth” on the episode of the podcast and that essentially is a set of principles about wanting to do things the slow but right way.

I've been thinking to myself, why am I doing the things I'm doing? This is because a lot of people would probably want to grow this as fast as possible. And yeah, sure. I have goals to do things quickly and make this as big as it could be. But I don't actually think that's where my mind goes most of the time. Why am I doing this?

This is something to think about when you are doing anything in your own life. Why are you doing what you're doing on a daily basis? In that episode of “The Ground Up Show”, they talked a little bit about how going the slow route and going more intentional can give your audience a little bit of a more genuine side to things.

They also touched on how it doesn't matter if you have a million fans or if you have a thousand fans, but what matters is the impact you make on people on a day-to-day basis. This concept has made me think more about how I approach my YouTube videos. It’s helped me come to the conclusion that I want to make the most impact by giving the most real version of myself with the most information possible.

While I do want to make entertaining videos and I do want to do my best to make it the best for everybody. I think I just need to focus on doing what I can to bring value to people, because at the end of the day if you really don't have any genuine content to give and you aren't impacting people on a deep level, then what you're doing is just a huge vanity metric.

So while I respect the fact that I maybe do need to go a certain route in order to get more views for some videos, I'm going to try to make videos that bring value to people. For you, however, the question is “Why are you doing what you are doing”.

So, if you are doing something like trying to start a business, or even starting a new job it may serve you well to have a deep thought session on that question. For example, if you're planning on becoming a doctor, are you doing it because you want to make a lot of money because the American healthcare system allows that to be the case? Or do you want to do it because you're going to impact people in a positive way?

I think viewing it in the light that you just want to impact people in a positive way is a little bit healthier. It is also will reflect better on the quality of care that you'll give because if you're focusing on just pushing the pad then you're not going to make much of a positive impact. I think, approaching anything like this is a solid way to go.

For example, why are you doing things in the relationships you're doing? Why are you focusing on certain relationships? Are you trying to get things out of relationships or are you trying to be kind and intentional about every interaction that you have? Meditate on that and hopefully, it will bring you some mental clarity in your life.

Have an awesome week!

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