The Self-Indicting Arrow
The Self-Indicting Arrow

The Self-Indicting Arrow

“Our fears point us like a self-indicting arrow in the direction of the right thing.”

This is a quote that I really enjoy from the stoicism book Courage is Calling by Ryan holiday and this concept of the self-indicting arrow breaks down what it means to do things that strike fear in us. Anytime in life, we have something that we're afraid of fear points us towards it. What a powerful concept to think about.

I've really tried to utilize this in order to overcome my fear in the past year and as somebody who has dealt with anxiety before in his life, I understand what it means to be afraid of doing even the most basic of things. When you have anxiety, it often means there is going to be an outcome you may not enjoy on the other end. However, Stoicism has helped me realize if you live a life based on fear, then you are never going to do anything that you are proud of.

I've been fearful at many times that things I will have said or done to others, as well as people on the internet, will offend them or make them not like me. When you are heard by as many people and have the face of a brand on you it’s not easy. However, I need to just focus on what I can control and whether the actions I'm taking have the four Stoic virtues of courage, justice, temperance, and wisdom in mind.

When there are people who are going to doubt you based on what you say or do or think, make sure that you go back to this concept of the self-indicting arrow and tell yourself that it's not about what they think it's about, what you do and whether it's the right thing or not now. Right. And wrong is a very subjective point of view to many, however right to yourself is objective to yourself.

I know what's right and wrong for me, based on my own base. I know what's right and wrong for me, based on my own life experiences. And I can focus on that on a day-to-day basis. And I can focus on that on a day-to-day basis and make sure that I make the most of each and every day by utilizing this concept.

Another quote I really like is “Don't let your reflection on the whole sweep of life crush you,” - Marcus Aurelius.

You're going to find times in life where you get knocked down based on what you do. Here Marcus is emphasizing the importance of focusing on what you can control despite this day-to-day struggle of negative circumstances.

In the book Courage is Calling Winston Churchill is referenced many times about how he was kicked out of politics more times than be counted. Eventually, he proved countless critiques wrong and is regarded as one of the greatest leaders in history as if it wasn't for him we’re really not sure how World War II would have turned out.

Embrace those doubters, continuously push through those people who try their best to knock you down, and if you can manage this struggle you can manage life better than most.

Have an awesome week!

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