Why I Started Playing the Long Game
Why I Started Playing the Long Game

Why I Started Playing the Long Game

Instant gratification is the main killer of success in my opinion. After reading Atomic Habits by James Clear I really started to see the positive effects of doing small things every day to make improvements in my life.

In his award-winning book, James Clear makes a very clear point about how amazing habits can be in changing your life.

"Habits are the compound interest of self-improvement"

Yeah. That's a pretty amazing concept when you think about it. At a small scale, I guess I noticed this throughout my years of running and I understood how it worked with finance, but I never considered how it would work in every other aspect of life.

A few months ago I decided that I was going to go through an entire "channel rebrand" and that would mean I would be doing things a lot differently. I would make slightly different types of videos, move the podcast to only podcast platforms, and redo my entire website. Yeah... that was pretty daunting at the time.

However, throughout this process, I have spent time reminding myself of one simple analogy. This analogy is as follows:

I'm on a boat. A boat on a river towards my final destination. That boat will be rocked by weather, sent to the side, or even halted for a short time by external factors. The good news is, I am the captain of that boat and if I keep attentive and try my best, it will continue to stay on course and move with the stream of that river towards my final destination.

That's an extremely long-winded way of saying, if you keep doing what you need to on a consistent basis, you probably will end up being successful at it. The real secret to success, as simple as it sounds, is to do it consistently for years.

Just remember that whatever it is that you are going through, that your dream can be achieved through years of effort. That's just what it's going to take. While we may not have the natural disposition to enjoy delayed gratification, I recommend learning how to find joy on that boat ride.

If you enjoy your journey on that boat ride no matter the storms that come your way, then one day you will be at the shoreline of your goals and dreams.

Have an awesome week!

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