In order to be successful in anything you need systems and tools. These systems and tools makeup the framework of how you can set and accomplish your goals.

To get you started down a path of success and self development, use this page as a central hub to find all of the latest and greatest tools available to you. I use most of these on a daily basis and others may have not been my thing but most definitely could be yours.

This page will change over time as I discover new tools and resources so make sure to keep it bookmarked for future reference.

Most of the tools and resources found here will be completely free (I’m a budget kind of guy as I hope you could tell). For those that aren’t some may contain affiliate links. If you use them, I’ll get a small commission with no extra cost to you. I recommend these resources because I have personally used them and find value in them. Do not feel that what I think works is the end all be all. I suggest to you all to find tools that work for you the best because that is what matters most.

Productivity Tools

Notion - All-in-One Workspace

Notion is one of the most versatile, powerful and all encompassing apps I’ve ever had the privilege to use. This product is a note taking app, calendar, routine, task and project management app built all into one. There are endless possibilities when it comes to Notion and this is my #1 recommendation for a tool to improve your productivity. I manage my life with this app.

Google Calendar - Time Planner

When it comes to calendar apps, Google does it best. This calendar has a great feel to it with it’s simple setup and interface. One of my favorite features is the simple repeat calendar event system. Google Calendar should be a staple to help manage your time and organize your day. The app also makes it easy to edit and adjust your calendar on mobile as well as desktop.

Toggl - Time Tracker

Want to know how long you actually spend time on the various tasks and events throughout the day. Toggl allows you to track everything and put them into different categories with tags and descriptions to differentiate them as well. This app works great on desktop and has an amazing Google Calendar integration on mobile that will make tracking your time easy and simple.

ToDoIst - Task Management

This app is one of the most highly recommended tools to manage your tasks out there. ToDoIst is simply impressive. While this may be a freemium product there is no lack of functionality in the free version of ToDoIst. ToDoIst has a great mobile and desktop experience to make your task management a wonderful and fluid experience. The paid version is extremely affordable as well.

LastPass - Password Manager

Safe, secure, and convenient, LastPass is my go to password manager. Having all of your accounts is a bad idea, however remembering tons of different passwords is nearly impossible. With easy auto-filling and a great mobile app, LastPass is a simple, easy and safe solution to all of your password problems. (and like most tools on this page… it’s free!)

Grammarly - Writing App

Have you ever wanted spellcheck to be… better? Luckily Grammarly makes up for a lot of spellcheck’s deficiencies. This tool works on browsers, many programs, and your phone’s keyboard (IOS & Android). There are premium versions that give more in depth writing solutions and suggestions that can help when writing for business or school purposes as well.

OneDrive - Cloud Storage

This is my preferred form of Cloud storage for my desktop, laptop and phone. I use this service constantly to keep all of my files up to date for school and work when I am on the go. You can download files on your device and then offload them when you have internet access as well. Microsoft offers various plans at very affordable prices and some free options for this tool.

Google Drive - Cloud Storage

One of the greatest ways to get some free storage is by taking advantage of your Google account using Google Drive. With 15 GB of free storage you can put all of your important files on a reliable server. It serves as a great tool to make sure that you have the essential files you need with you anywhere that you go. Google offers affordable pricing for more storage space as well.

Flora - Pomodoro Timer

This tool is a mobile app that forces you to stay on task or let a virtual die. The most social Pomodoro Timer out there, this app connects with your Facebook accounts and adds another level of accountability to getting your work done. Whenever I’m in the need to buckle down and work, I use Flora to make sure it gets done and that I don’t kill the tree in the process.

TomatoTimer - Pomodoro Timer

25 minutes on, 5 minutes off, that’s the name of the game. This is a simple Pomodoro Technique website that does its best to keep you productive. There is little to this website but I find that in some cases that is all that is needed to force yourself to get to work and accomplish whatever tasks you need to for the day. It also has an option to take a longer 10 minute break too.

Health & Wellness Tools

Achievement - Fitness Points Tracker

Want to get paid for doing healthy things? While this app won’t get you rich off of working out, it gives you an incentive to accomplish some health related tasks. By running, logging your food and answering surveys you will accumulate points that eventually lead to rewards. The other health tools in this list are ones that help you gain points too.

MyFitnessPal - Diet & Exercise Tracker

Under Armour’s tool to help you track your diet is simple and easy. The food diary for this app has simple logging where you can scan barcodes and save meals and recipes to quickly log your meals. MyFitnessPal has one of the world’s largest fitness communities where you can find great advice and tips from other people working towards their fitness and health goals.

Strava - Social Exercise Tracker

The Instagram of exercise trackers, Strava gives you a great platform to share your workouts with others. It can connect simply and easily with your Garmin Connect account which is super convenient. One of the coolest features is the map of your workout it shows from your GPS watch.

Garmin Connect - Exercise Tracker

Garmin Connect syncs your activities simply and easily via Bluetooth to your phone with all of the newer model Garmin watches. It’s a simple and easy app to use that also shows you your workouts data like heart rate, mile splits and more.

MapMyRun - Run Mapper

For those of you that don’t have GPS watches, Under Armour has an awesome run mapper. On their website you will be able to look where you ran from a sky view that will help you in mapping out where you ran for the day so that you know how far you went.

Personal Finance Tools

Mint - Budgeting Tool

Mint by Intuit gives you a simple way to track all of your accounts in one place. It also gives you a spending by category breakdown that is simple and effective. Stay up to date on all of your transactions from all of your accounts in one place so that you can get in front of your money. I don’t use this but the choice between this and Clarity Money is honestly personal preference.

Robinhood - Investing App

This app preaches its ability to make unlimited commission-free trades in stocks, funds and options. With a section of their website dedicating to learning about stock trading and other financial topics, Robinhood offers a great overall product. Use this app if you are looking for a simple and easy way to start trading.

Acorns - Investing App

This app takes the spare change from your purchases and uses it to invest. With three cheap pricing options ($1-$3 per month) this is a great tool to help you invest money that you otherwise might have just spent. There are also hundreds of articles from financial experts to learn from as well.